Who We Are

A professional development and coaching firm that assists clients in improving individual and organizational performance. We do this through a personalized and custom designed system and process to obtain more qualified appointments. Working with you, our focus is on your strengths, building a vision and plans to be acted upon.

Imagine earning more money, in less time, with deeper and more meaningful connections, while having more fun!

What We Do

Blending lead generation consulting and client acquisition coaching, we will develop your peak sales performance so that your business will deliver maximum impact in your market.

We make it easy to do business by using a simple four-step process: EPIC.

  • Evaluation: Together, we will begin with a 60-minute Strategy Session that helps us determine specific development opportunities – changing your potential into performance.
  • Preparation: We creatively structure your purpose and plan together – increasing your business growth and unlocking greater, sustainable profit.
  • Implementation: We will work with you to create a plan to act upon – establishing specific actions to support all aspects of your growth plan.
  • Confirmation: We evaluate your results to ensure that objectives are achieved and expectations are met – you can continue onward, replicating your success. Or, continue to check in with us to solidify your ongoing success.

Accelerating Sales Performance

We are looking for qualified, committed, and coachable individuals.

If you know someone who would value our 45 years of expertise, ask about our client referral program.