Point A: Potential

We want to save you time, trouble and money in attaining your own pinnacle of success.

Success is defined as the progressive realization of a worthy goal.

Progress, not perfection!

Your Pinnacle Path is an upward progression that advances you toward your ultimate goal. Action is required. What is holding you back? Our personal mantra is: DO IT NOW!

Relying on the two pillars of self-motivation (dissatisfaction with the way things are and hope for the way things might be) start moving relentlessly toward your goal.

This is the essence for establishing our consulting and coaching business. We help you determine where you are in your career, assist you in deciding where you want to be, and help you close the gap between point A and point B. Point A is knowing where you are, discovering what’s holding you back, and developing your motivation to change. Point B is deciding where you want to be and then committing to progress toward that objective.

The Pinnacle Path is the journey that will help you attain your Point B. Your dissatisfaction with remaining at Point A represents your potential. Point B is the realization of your commitment to invest in your own success.