Pinnacle Path, LLC is a professional development consulting company. We specialize in advising independent professionals  and organizations in making a quantum leap in production and performance. Our programs draw on 45 years of successful personal experience. The idea is simple: we improve our client's condition as measured by results. Our key word is, Potentialize.

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Thomas E. Ackerman, is a Professional Development and Performance Coach. He serves as senior strategic advisor to insurance operations, business owners, senior executives, and financial advisors. He is a published author and speaker with 44 years experience in the financial services industry. He holds multiple financial industry designations and credentials. Thomas is President and Founder of Pinnacle Path, LLC. He is a much sought after speaker and presenter. His results-proven coaching methodology can enable growth-oriented individuals and sales teams to change potential into realization.

Thomas is the author of two books,The ZFactor Sales Accelerator for Life Insurance Professionals and The ZFactor Business Accelerator for Financial Professionals. These books offer a unique business and sales improvement roadmap. Each book is based upon the proven defining characteristics of success of top producers. The ZFactor is an innovative coaching methodology that helps reveal and release untapped performance potential. He uses personal one-on-one coaching together with group dynamics, to provide the tools and technology that help his clients realize more of their performance potential. The result is improved individual and organizational performance and greater personal effectiveness. Working internationally with independent financial professionals and organizations, he offers practical, tactical, solutions to client acquisition and retention goals. These solutions can be implemented quickly and effectively. The ultimate outcome is a positive, measurable impact resulting in a more successful and profitable business.

"I have been a Senior Advisor and Subject Matter Expert (SME) for a number of insurance and financial services companies in technology."

In this capacity, I am a SME in:

  • Insurance and investment sales, marketing, operations, and distribution.
  • Experienced in supporting the selection of various software systems and platforms used by insurance companies, agencies, and representatives.
  • Supported user groups in insurance, investment, and financial planning organizations.
  • Provided direct support for insurance company operations and distribution channels.
  • Early adopter of technology and digital tools used by field sales force and wholesaling teams.

Thomas lives in Wyoming, Ohio and works internationally with financial professionals, sales teams and organizations.

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Jillian Ackerman Livingston
Master Connect–the-Dotter, Communications Consultant

Ms. Ackerman-Livingston joined Pinnacle Path in 2012 and is known by many as a “Master Connect-the-Dotter” – crafting communications and lending more than 15 years of expertise in networking and engagement. Her highly specialized communications/marketing experience focuses on the financial services community. Areas of expertise include internal and external communications, sales marketing, and knowledge management – copywriting, web content, social media, and events planning. Ms. Ackerman-Livingston also brings additional experience to Pinnacle Path in the areas of: public relations, fundraising, training, sales and management for corporate, non-profit and government, to deliver expert, on-time and robust communications.