Point B: Realization

We assist business owners, sales, and financial professionals, in making a quantum leap in production and performance. The key is a solution that works. Our Pinnacle Path programs, draw on more than 40 years of successful personal experience in improving production and performance. The idea is simple: we improve our client's condition as measured by results.

What makes us different and how can we help you? We have the right blend of experience in the life insurance and financial service business to offer you tactical, practical, guidance, advice, and solutions that can be executed by you and your team quickly and effectively. We create a positive, measurable impact on your practice resulting in a more successful and profitable business.

Our business expansion program, The Pinnacle Path Project, is the application of proven methods designed to dramatically improve your prospecting and sales skills. It will enable you to shorten the gap between the way things are to the way you would like them to be.

Creating a positive, measurable impact on practice development, production, and performance is what we do. The end result is the maximization of our client's success and the realization of their full potential. We assist you to:

  • Increase personal effectiveness.
  • Improve individual and organizational performance.
  • Develop personal leadership skills.
  • Increase client attraction and retention.
  • Obtain qualified referrals and powerful personal introductions.
  • Improve prospecting and sales skills in your target market.
  • Develop accountability and time management systems.

The result is:

  • More income
  • Work fewer hours
  • Have more enjoyment in your career